Working with Body McKanics is like nothing I've ever done before. It's all about being the very best version of me. It's so much more than lifting a few weights - it's a whole body change, from the inside out. And for someone like me, who has never enjoyed working out or "watching what I eat," it's a fun, totally attainable way to do it.


Many of my family members have had hip replacements and I thought mine was coming, but through corrective stretches and strength training, my improved posture and stance eliminated all those aches. In addition, I lost 25 lbs for my son’s upcoming wedding and I have a waist for the first time in my life!


"Body McKanics takes a whole different approach to workouts than I've ever taken before. And I LOVE it! I have old injuries from high school, as well as a few new ones but McKerrin was able to zero in on what muscles have been compensating for injury or weakness and then work everything I haven't been using. I end up sore in places I didn't even realize I had. And~ it's working! I've lost weight, gotten stronger and even my posture has improved. She's even been able to steer me away from my not so great diet choices and help me discover better options. Body McKanics is truly tailored to your body and your needs. McKerrin truly is the #1 body mechanic.”


I started working out after having a baby and McKerrin has been brilliant at getting me back in shape without injury. I have never worked with someone who is so thoughtful, careful and knowledgeable about the body (and how every body is different, which she determined with the first evaluation) but who also pushes me really hard. Through strength training my body started to change, tighten, realign instantly and, while I am really sore, I have not been in any pain. She also has given me totally do able changes to my diet and short programs to restore the body in between our sessions that I actually like doing.