Weight loss can be a frustrating pursuit, eluding even those who eat healthy and exercise. I have had several clients who worked incredibly hard in their workouts 2 – 4 times a week, but didn’t see the scale move in the direction they wanted until they made some simple powerful changes outside the gym.

So what gives? Why won’t the scale budge even if you put out tremendous effort?

Read on for 5 reasons you might not be losing the pounds you want to…

1. You Don’t Sleep Enough

Let’s start with the most rampant problem standing in the way of your fat loss. Most adults simply do not get adequate sleep to support weight loss. There is a scientific reason for this, and it has everything to do with hormone levels. While you sleep, your cortisol levels decline while your growth hormone levels increase. This balance is essential for fat loss.

Skipping on Zzzz’s will throw your hormones into fat storing mode, while simultaneously causing you to feel hungrier and encouraging you to eat more calories. When you are tired, your brain signals your body to eat simple carbs and sugars because it needs fuel fast. So you have a double whammy of lower impulse control while you’re fat storage mode ~ which is just not fair at all!

2. You Eat TOO MUCH Healthy Food

Yes, my friend, there is such thing as TOO MUCH healthy food. When it comes to weight gain, extra calories can come from just about anywhere before landing on your waistline – even from healthy foods. I have definitely been guilty of this. If I don’t pay attention, I can make a smoothie in the morning that has 1000 calories in it. It’s all great, healthy food, BUT IT’S 1000 CALORIES! Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s calorie free. Sure, it will take you longer to gain weight by overeating roasted chicken and sweet potato than it would ice cream and chips, but the extra pounds will still add up.

Control your portions, even of healthy foods, in order to make strides in your body transformation journey.

3. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Most of us are walking around in a state of partial dehydration every day. In addition to being dangerous for all of your major body organs, dehydration is perilous for fat loss. Not only does water serve as an appetite suppressant to fill your stomach and prevent you from overeating, thirst is often mistaken for hunger pains, leading to extra calories consumed and stored as fat.

By sipping on water throughout the day you’ll avoid dehydration and will find it easier to move the number on your scale in a favorable direction. If you want a fun, easy way to track your water intake download the Daily Water​ app. It can help by sending you reminders throughout the day to drink a glass of water, as well as help determine what your appropriate hydration goals should be.

4. You Eat Out Too Much

Let’s face it, restaurant meals are higher in calories than meals prepared and eaten at home – across the board. There is simply no way around it, and even if you consciously attempted to eat small portions while eating out it is quite difficult to do. Restaurant food is created with consumer satisfaction in mind, and this means adding fats and sugars and salt to many of the menu items in order to produce the tastiest food possible! Unfortunately, the tastiest is also quite often the most fattening.

Want more fat loss? Make simple, wholesome meals at home and eat with portion control.

5. You Don’t Get Enough Protein or Fiber

Protein and fiber are the golden tickets to fat loss, but sadly your diet probably doesn’t contain nearly enough of it. It can be confusing to determine an appropriate amount of protein your body needs individually but generally speaking, think about getting a palm size portion of lean protein at every meal. If you are extremely active or training for a competition, that amount can double or triple s it’s best to work with a professional to determine the right amount of protein and fiber for your ultimate goal. For a good article on protein and how much you need, take a look here​.

Consciously plan your meals around a base of protein and fiber, and then add in just enough complex carbs and healthy fats to keep it well rounded.

6. Your Workouts Are Working Against You

Most of us know that going through the motions at the gym simply doesn’t cut it when you want to transform your body. But neither does overdoing it. If you are working out too much, or doing the wrong type of training for what your goal is, you can be doing more harm than good when it comes to shedding pounds. It is imperative to

Rate your perceived exertion in your last workout from 1 to 10. If it falls below an 8 then your workout is in need of a serious revamp. However, if you are doing more than 5 workouts a week at that level or higher, you are sabotaging your weight loss. Please contact me if you have questions about what you should be doing for your own work outs or how to determine the optimal eating plan for YOU.

I’m currently offering a powerful habit’s-based nutrition and weight loss program that really works. There are no detox’s, drastic calorie restrictions, or crazy, unsustainable food eliminations. In fact, some of my current clients thought the program was TOO easy and simple to begin with because they were used to the extreme deprivation that other plans called for in the past. What they realized after a month or 2, was that their perspectives, attitudes and LIVES were changing, not just their eating. The program offers daily coaching, accountability and simple tasks that can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less a day. I’m currently only able to take on 10 new people who are completely committed to changing their relationship to food and weight so call or email today to find out if it’s right for you.

I’m here to help you achieve the body of your dreams. Don’t let another month pass you by ~ You deserve your best body and your best health.


THE MOST IMPORTANT reason you aren’t losing weight


You aren’t consistent.

Ouch, yes that might hurt, but you know it’s true. One week you start eating healthy and exercising, but then by day 4 you’ve found a myriad reasons to quit. A few weeks go by, a few pound creep on, and then you give it another try…for 7 days this time before you quit. And the frustrating cycle continues.

The body transformation you want will only come by changing your lifestyle as it relates to how you eat and how you exercise. Half-hearted attempts to change will only result in half-hearted results.

Fully commit yourself to the process of transforming your body. It doesn’t have to be hard – it has to be consistent.

Jump in with both feet and don’t look back!